Nov 7, 2013

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When To Hire An Attorney For Your Personal Injury Case In Chicago

An Attorney for personal injury in Chicago handles cases in which the victim did not have a part to play in the events that led to his or her injuries. Your preferred attorney must evaluate the evidence that is associated with this accident to establish fault. In some cases, this may require an investigation. Through interviews and review of the source of the injury, the attorney has a more effective chance to prove your case in court.

Personal Injuries and Fighting the Insurance Companies

In a personal injury claim, the first point of contact beyond your attorney is an insurance adjuster that will evaluate the circumstances of the accident that caused your injuries. If you were in an automobile accident, for example, this adjuster reviews your medical costs and your estimate for automobile repairs. To settle out of court, this adjuster will offer a settlement to cover these expenditures.

However, most claim’s adjusters are attempting to pay the least amount possible. If you feel that this adjuster is attempting to take advantage of you, it is critical for you to consult an attorney to review your case. Your preferred Attorney for personal injury in Chicago can negotiate with this adjuster to increase your odds of receiving a more than adequate settlement based on your injuries and repair costs.

Injuries in Public Places

If you sustain injuries with a public place, the business entity that maintains the location is responsible for compensating you for your injuries. For instance, if you are injured in a public park that is maintained by the county, you would file a claim against the county to seek compensation. Your preferred attorney will evaluate your case to establish who is at fault and assist you in the litigation process.


You need an accident attorney to assist you in litigating a personal injury case. It is probable that the opposition will offer a settlement. In most cases, the opposition is the insurance provider for the individual or company that is responsible for paying you compensation. The insurance company may opt to hire counsel to discredit your claim. With effective counsel, you can fight for compensation in court.



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