Feb 12, 2014

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When to Hire an Ant Exterminator in Brooklyn

Ask any exterminator, and they will say that one of, if not the most common problems they get called to deal with are ant infestations. Often, home owners will try to get rid of these insects on their own, but it is not always the easiest thing to do. In fact, one can destroy one nest or anthill, only to find a few more in its place the very next day. These are insects that live in colonies, and live only to feed their queens, and to make baby ants. The scouts go looking for food for the queens, and they will continue to return to their nests, even if one has taken steps to get rid of them. Often, the only way to completely rid a property of these pests is to call in the extermination professionals.

The first thing an ant exterminator in Brooklyn will do is look for the main colony, and immediately apply treatments that will get rid of the nests. The treatments that are used will not harm humans or pets, and it is best to have ongoing treatments to ensure that the insects will not return. These nests are usually found outside, in trees and tree stumps, along fences, and just about anywhere else in the ground. They are also known to build nests in walls, foundations, doors, bricks, decks, insulation, eaves, and other areas around the home.

Not only are these insects annoying, they can also be dangerous. When they find food, they bite it, and bacteria is left on the food. They leave trails for other ants use, and if there is any food outside, or even on counter tops, and there is an infestation near the home, they will soon be on their way inside to get at that food, as well as beverages, especially sugary ones. A trained professional can get rid of these pets quickly and efficiently, and ensure that they won’t be coming back.

Anyone who needs an ant exterminator in Brooklyn simply needs to call Metro Pest Control. Same day emergency service is available, and many different types of extermination services are available for any type of infestation.

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