When To Hire A St. Paul, MN, Workers Compensation Attorney

Employers in St. Paul, MN, are required to have workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. This allows employees who are hurt or injured on the job to access compensation through what should be a simple claims process.

However, this is a much more complicated process than it may appear on the surface. Failing to notify employers or the correct person in the company within a specific period of time, incomplete documentation or the incorrect medical information can all result in denial of the claim, even with significant injury or illness.

How Serious is the Injury?

In most cases, very low-cost cases are relatively simple to have approved. Most employers and their insurance companies do not spend time and money in denying or fighting these types of claims. However, even simple injuries can be a challenge if the employer is known to fight these types of cases or if the employer denies the injury occurred at work or is caused by a work-related activity.

In these cases, contacting a worker’s compensation attorney is a good idea before submitting the forms and documentation. The attorney can review the case and provide an evaluation of the possibility of filing the claim yourself. This can be completed in a free evaluation, so it is no cost to the employee.

Other Considerations

In cases where the employer is known to deny claims, make low settlement offers or if there is a pre-existing condition that is impacted by the injury or illness, it is critical to work with an experienced workers compensation attorney.

It is also crucial to work with a worker’s compensation attorney if you are planning to claim Social Security Disability for the same injury. Incorrect settlement of the workers’ comp claim in St. Paul, MN, can limit your benefits through SSI if not structured correctly. An attorney can ensure the wording of the settlement does not create problems with future SSD benefits.

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