Oct 22, 2013

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When to Hire a Company for Chimney Cleaning in Potomac

With the rising cost of electricity, fuel, and oil, many people are opting to use their fireplace more often to heat their homes. Before those colder months of fall and winter approach, it is time to have a professional clean your chimney. Ignoring this important task only puts your home and family in harm’s way and will keep your fireplace and chimney from functioning at its best.

When your fireplace is not being used is the best time to hire a reputable company for your Chimney Cleaning in Potomac. Chimneys can get clogged with debris from previous fires and even from birds and squirrels nesting in them during the spring and summer. This is a dangerous hazard that causes the smoke from the fires to flow back into your home and not be able to vent properly. Over time, creosote and soot build-up in a chimney can cause a fire in the chimney that will quickly spread to the roof and into your home. Dangerous levels of creosote can cause toxic fumes and is the leading cause of carbon monoxide poisoning in a home. Consider hiring Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps to protect your home and family before using your fireplace again.

After you have determined your chimney does need cleaning, you want to choose a reputable, professional company to do this job for you. Experience is highly important in this field. You want a chimney sweep to clean your chimney and flue from the bottom up to ensure that all of the debris, soot, and creosote is completely removed. Before and after cleaning the chimney, they should inspect it and give you a written guarantee of its safety and cleanliness from top to bottom and a written report of the condition of the chimney when he is done. Make sure the company you hire for this job is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection and theirs.

For you and your family’s safety and to help decrease those rising heating bills, have your chimney swept yearly. Use a professional and experienced company like Priddy Clean for your chimney sweeping needs.

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