Aug 3, 2015

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When to Contact Roofing Contractors in Newton KS

The signs that you need to call Roofing Contractors in Newton KS may not always be quite as obvious as imagined. In fact, many of the clear indicators of roof issues may be very difficult for the average person to spot. This is largely due to the fact that most areas of the roof are hidden unless you’re willing to climb a tall ladder to check it out. Even with a sloped roof, only a portion of the roof is visible from the ground. The area of the roof that sustains the most damage is often the middle portion, which you just can’t see from the street. To combat this issue, regular roof checkups are very important. Most Roofing Contractors in Newton KS recommend having a roof check every year or two, just to make sure that there is no damage that can’t be seen.

One of the most obvious signs of roof problems is loose shingles, or other loose roofing material. This can sometimes be seen from street level, and there may be times when roof materials fall into the gutters or even litter the ground. In cases like this, the roof needs to be examined to find out why the materials came loose, and how severe the damage actually is. In many cases, a small area of damage can lead to a far bigger area of damage. If roof materials come loose or get totally dislodged, that can essentially destroy the whole support network for that particular portion of the roof. This can lead to an entire portion of the roof collapsing, and can also lead to issues with the interior roofing materials since they are now exposed to the elements.

Another clear sign of roof issues is leaked on the ceiling. The leaks may not be the obvious ones where there is a steady dripping of water when it rains. Instead, you might notice water spots on the ceiling. The water spots are often an indicator that water is seeping down from the roof, which means that there are cracks in the roof that are allowing that water through. Your roofing contractor can often remedy this type of leak without having to resort to a full roof replacement. If you need to find local Roofing Contractors in Newton KS, you can visit the website to learn more!

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