Nov 12, 2013

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When They’re Checking Out Roofing Companies Tucson Wants the Best

Tucson is a wonderful place to live. All those gorgeous sunny days make it easy to forget that the rainy season is coming. When it rains, it can rain hard. The first sign of roof trouble might be just a stain on the wall or the ceiling. It would be easy to just touch it up with paint and forget it, but that would be a mistake. Instead, it’s time to investigate and find out what caused that stain.

Check the attic for any signs of moisture. Black spots indicate mold and mildew. Water near electrical wires or outlets could cause a short, which would be very dangerous. Most roof leaks do not start directly over the stained area. Usually, the leak starts higher on the roof, which is why leaks can be tricky to locate. Do a visual inspection of the outside of the roof. Damaged flashing may be providing an entry point for water. Ridge vents can become loosened by wind. Older skylights sometimes allow water to seep in under the edges. Look for any lifting or missing tiles. It’s not advisable to get up on the roof as tiles could be broken. Coated roofs need to be re-coated periodically, so see if any areas look cracked or thin.

Whether or not there is extensive damage to the underlayment of the roof determines the recommended course of action. Repairing the roof should be looked at carefully before replacement is recommended. This can only be determined by a professional evaluation. The age of the roof also needs to be considered, as the life expectancy of most roofs is 20-25 years.

If a problem has been found, then it’s time to call in the professionals. When looking for estimates from Roofing Companies Tucson residents should consider how long the company has been in business. It would be very difficult for a business to survive in a very competitive industry if they did not satisfy their customers.

Ralph Hays Roofing has been repairing and replacing roofs in Tucson for over 50 years. While there are many Roofing Companies Tucson can rely on the honest and dependable service that will be provided by this company.

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