May 29, 2014

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When Should You Visit the Veterinarian?

A question that ranks highly among most pet owners is how often they should take their pets to the veterinarian. Most people do not visit the doctor until they feel that something is wrong, and unfortunately this behavior can influence pet care as well. A few people may even think that vets are looking out for themselves when they recommend check-ups or wellness visits. However, these visits can be vital to helping your pet to maintain good health.

What Do Vets Agree On?
There is no real consensus on what constitutes a wellness schedule for your pet, but vets generally agree that these visits are necessary. Your vet will probably tell you that at least a once yearly visit is good for healthy animals. This will help in detecting health issues that might be lurking. As animals age, their susceptibility to illness increases. Vets generally recommend a visit every six months for older pets. They are aware of the conditions that are most likely to affect animals based on their age and breed. The bottom line is, since vets have been trained to detect the signs of illness in pets, it is wise to follow their advice where regular wellness visits are concerned.

What Wellness Visits Entail
Many pets receive annual booster vaccines annually, so this is the ideal opportunity to schedule a wellness checkup. Aside from the physical exam, this may include a stool sample test. A veterinarian may also ask general questions about the animal’s behavior and eating habits to ensure that there has been no change. As a pet owner, it is important that you are always observant, so that you will notice any changes in your pet.

Signs of Illness
While some signs of illness may escape your attention, a few may be obvious enough to alert you to the fact that a vet visit is necessary. If your pet shows signs of dizziness or lethargy, a neurological problem could be the cause. A drastic change in eating habits, such as eating more or less than usual could also be cause for concern. Any changes in the animal’s personality or physical changes should not be ignored. These signs are of even greater concern in older pets. You can also discuss with the veterinarian what signs might indicate that your pet is not in the best of health.

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