When Should You Use Direct Thermal Labels?

A variety of products are available to meet most labeling needs today. Finding the right product is important, but it does not mean you need to compromise. With so many variations available, you will find labels for any task, any size, and just about any printer set up or software program. Direct thermal labels provide a number of key benefits to users. For those who need this type of label, it can easily be found in a variety of formats to fit just about any need you may have.

Key Benefits Of These Labels

Direct thermal labels are a specific type. They work in thermal printers which do not use ink. Instead, they use heat to print a specific message onto the label. This type of label works best for indoor use. It does not withstand the outdoors well especially in wet climates. Users will find that they are fairly durable with a medium to long-term lifespan depending on the environment they are used in. Most importantly, they are designed to have a good level of chemical resistance. This means they can be used in some of the more challenging areas and environments including in labs.

When choosing direct thermal labels, there are a few things to consider. Purchasing in bulk will help you to save a significant amount of money. At the same time, it is important to consider labels designed for the right size printer you have. They are generally available as rolls that feed into that printer. However, there are several brands available, and there are options for just about any type of printer setup. For those who need these labels, it tends to be easy to find them when you choose a reliable label supplier to buy them from.

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