Jan 30, 2017

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When Should You Talk To A Disability Lawyer?

When Should You Talk To A Disability Lawyer?

There are a number of benefits of hiring a disability lawyer, the most important of which is the fact that your chances of being approved for benefits are far better than trying to deal with the process unaided. Certainly, some people that do apply independent of legal assistance do get approved but, all things being equal, there are far more applicants approved who are represented by a disability lawyer in Oak Ridge.

From the application to the appeal:

Disability lawyers have had considerable experience in presenting their client’s cases to the Social Security Administration in the best possible light. If you decide to hire a lawyer right from the beginning of the process, he or she will focus on the facts, ensuring that your disability meets the criteria laid down in the “blue book” of listed impairments. In the event your application is denied, your disability lawyer can prepare an appeal, first requesting that the decision to deny benefits be reconsidered and should that fail, prepare for a formal hearing. In preparation for the hearing which is held in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge, your lawyer will gather all relevant information supporting your condition and submit this in advance of the hearing.

When to hire a disability lawyer:

Even if you are simply considering applying for disability benefits you should contact a disability lawyer in Oak Ridge and take advantage of a free evaluation of your case. If you and the lawyer are of the opinion that you have a strong case then do not hesitate to hire the lawyer, you are far more likely to get benefits if you pursue the application with the lawyer.

If you prepare and submit the application yourself, hiring a lawyer if the application is rejected is a must and as a disability lawyer works on contingency, the legal fees will eventually be paid from your back pay.

There is no doubt that a seasoned disability lawyer in Oak Ridge can help you get the Social Security disability benefits that you deserve. You are invited to discuss your situation with the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C.

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