Dec 23, 2013

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When Should You See the Doctor in Douglasville for Breast Concerns?

Many women neglect their health because they are so busy with their families and careers. Neglecting your health can have serious repercussions, especially in your reproductive health. It is imperative you see your doctor on a regular basis and you get the routine medical care you need each year. Through a physical exam, your Doctor Douglasville can find issues while they are still minor and very much treatable. It is also important for you to recognize the signs you need to see your doctor. This can help you to know when to schedule an appointment so you can have your issues treated promptly.

Signs Your Breast Health Needs to be Checked

Dimpling — If you have dimpling in the breast, it is imperative you seek medical care, to make sure there are no serious health issues in your breast tissue.

Growths — If during your routine breast exam, you find a knot, it is important you are seen by the Doctor Douglasville as soon as possible. Growths in the breast can be benign or cancerous. Either way, you need to make sure you are checked as soon as possible, to rule out any forms of breast cancer.

Discharge — Any type of discharge, outside of milk when you are nursing, is not normal. If you notice any type of discharge coming from your nipples, you need to contact your doctor and have a breast exam right away. This could be a sign of infection, hormonal issues or even cancer.

Inversion — If your nipple suddenly becomes inverted, this could be a sign of problems in your breast tissue. This is especially true if the nipple stays inverted. If you notice this change, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Having a routine breast exam is extremely important to help avoid breast cancer. The sooner issues are detected, the better they will be able to be treated. If you are in need of breast exam or other women’s health services, contact Womens Care of West Georgia LLC and schedule your appointment right away. They can offer you all of the services you need, to keep you strong and healthy.

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