When Should You Introduce Solid Foods to Your Baby?

The Mommy Wars can be exhausting, can’t they? You have arguments over whether exclusively breastfed is best, while some women stick by their formula. Pediatricians, however, have come down on the side of science. A fed and thriving baby is best whether their food sources breast milk or formula. Just when you thought you were getting the hang of nursing along comes the debate on introducing solid foods. While breast milk or formula is all your child needs for the first six months, solid foods can be introduced as early as four months of age.

When is Baby Ready?
The real question when it comes to introducing solid foods is when is your baby physically ready to take this step. Generally, parents should look for the following signs at about 4 to 6 months:
1. Your baby needs to be able to sit up in a high chair and have good control of their head and neck. If they cannot support their head or are wobbly, then it is not a good time to begin feeding solids.
2. Babies have a tongue push reflex that makes them push food out of their mouths. This is not a dislike for the food, but a natural reaction. This reflex begins to fade between the four- and six-month mark, making the introduction of solids into the diet easier.
3. Your baby should show an interest in the food that people around them are eating. If they are not interested, then it’s not time.

Fresh Baby Food is Best
Yes, making fresh baby food is a great way to guarantee that your child gets whole food without added salt, sugar, or preservatives. However, making fresh baby food is a labor-intensive undertaking. In Maryland, parents can order fresh baby food delivery and have all the benefits without the mess, hassle, and expense. If you’re ready to start feeding solids, and want all the benefits of fresh baby food, investigate baby food delivery services today.

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