Feb 5, 2013

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When Should You Inspect Your Roof?

When Should You Inspect Your Roof?

Like everything else in the world (including Colorado), your roof is subject to the laws of the universe. You age, your dog grows old and dies, things break, concrete cracks and grass grows up through the crevices. All of this is descriptive of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which includes the concept of entropy – the idea that when nature takes its course things move from a state of order to chaos. Hiring roofers in Fort Collins, CO to inspect your roof before it becomes chaotic can ultimately save you money.

The greater longevity your roof has, the more money you will save in repairs or re-roofing, so the objective of regular maintenance is to keep your roof in good condition so that it will last longer. Professional roofers in Fort Collins, CO inspect roofs for wear and tear on regular schedules, and can help homeowners to save money not only on replacement or repairs, but on energy costs as well.

The better ventilation and insulation your roof supplies to your attic and other spaces, the more you can save on energy bills from month to month. Roofers in For Collins, CO are trained to inspect roofs not only for damage that may be caused by the elements, but for signs of leakage from ventilation systems as well as other problems that may increase your utility bills.

Some people may drive fast wherever they go because they reason that if they get pulled over, all they need to do is pay the ticket. Others enjoy the luxury of trading in their car every year for next year’s model. If you can afford that kind of ostentation, then perhaps saving money isn’t a concern. A mild form of the same type of thinking is to rely upon the fact that your roof has a warrantee, and therefore doesn’t need to be inspected.

It is a good idea to get a good warrantee on your new roof; however, it is also important to read the fine print. Almost every warrantee for roofing will have certain conditions, including the need to reasonably care for your roof, which includes regular inspections. Most roofers agree that twice a year is an appropriate schedule for getting your roof inspected; or, in the aftermath of a storm that might have caused damage.

A full inspection may be fairly complex, testing to see how your roofing materials react to the presence of water, as well as how well your roof insulates your home. Repairs or recommendations can be made based upon these inspections that can save you money over time.

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