When should I hire a real estate attorney?

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you may wonder whether you need a real estate law attorney New York. Lawyers aren’t needed for all real estate transactions while others cannot be completed without this type of attorney present. The biggest determining factor on whether a lawyer is needed to close on real estate is how complex the situation is. For example, if you are signing a monthly lease, you won’t need someone to represent you. However, if you are renting to own or selling some property to buy another, a real estate lawyer should be present.

Do Your Own Research to Determine Whether you Should Hire a New York Attorney
Before you hire a real estate law attorney New York, you should do your own research. You don’t want to leave it up to your real estate agent or the other party’s agent to advise you. Even the best agents will likely have their own interests at heart and may not provide you with the best advice. Additionally, real estate agents usually don’t want another party involved in the transaction.
It’s also important to realize that simple real estate purchases or sales may not require an attorney to settle. But, if a dispute comes up during the transaction, a real estate lawyer may be needed. By doing your own research, you’ll understand whether or when you need to hire outside resources to protect your best interest.

Hiring a Real Estate Law Attorney in New York
If you are selling or buying property in New York, you need to find an attorney that specializes in this area and location. Only New York real estate lawyers can give clients the best advice on how to proceed with transactions. With the right lawyer on your team, real estate buyers and sellers can rest easy knowing their transactions are safe, legit, and will be handled properly.

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