When Phoenix, AZ Car Accident Lawyers Decide to Litigate Instead of Settle

Qualified car accident lawyers in Phoenix, AZ typically settle cases out of court instead of filing a lawsuit and proceeding with litigation. Usually, this is the best choice for the client since litigation can take a long time. In other instances, though, the client and lawyer want the case heard by a jury and judge. This is most common when the accident resulted in a disabling or disfiguring injury, or when someone was killed.

The Settlement Process

In most cases, the insurance company and attorney negotiate until they come to an agreement. The insurance adjusters may not have disputed paying for medical expenses, lost wages and property damage, but questioned other costs. Eventually, the lawyer convinces the representatives that certain other aspects should be compensated. Payments for taxi service and childcare could be reasonable. Intangible factors like emotional trauma and reduced quality of life during a lengthy recovery are other examples.

Proceeding to Trial

Insurers and their attorneys rarely are willing to pay a large amount of damages not connected with any specific expense. However, a car accident lawyer in
Phoenix, AZ may believe it’s reasonable to expect a large sum to someone who will never walk again or has lost a limb to amputation. Personal injury lawyers provide aggressive representation in cases like these.

Last-Minute Settlements

Some cases will still settle before the trial, depending on the situation. The insurance company’s legal team may be wary of bringing certain cases before a jury, knowing those men and women could be sympathetic to the plaintiff. Either way, the plaintiff’s lawyer focuses on achieving a satisfactory outcome.

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