Oct 24, 2018

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When NOT to DIY

When NOT to DIY

When you have a new-to-you Salt Lake City home, it’s natural to want to jump right in and start making everything the way that you want it to be. DIY gives you a satisfying sense of accomplishment, but when you get in over your head, it can be humbling and expensive to put right.

Nobody’s talking down DIY but starting with beginners’ projects is always best to give you a solid foundation of skills to draw on as you work your way up to intermediate and even advanced projects. Beginners should know that some jobs may look easy but are not this is especially true when it comes to installing flooring materials such as linoleum, ceramic tile, carpeting, laminates, hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring.

WHY to Not DIY

Installing flooring can require a lot of specialized equipment, and that equipment can be costly. Even if you are redoing every single floor in your home, the economics of purchasing or leasing and using the equipment may not provide enough savings to justify the expense. For instance, a carpet installation toolkit can run nearly $400, but will not include other equipment vital to correctly installing carpet such as a seam roller, jamb saw (costs @ $175) or a heat bond iron (figure @ $100) that you will need for successful installation.

When doing tile installation, you could be looking at buying a tile cutter, seam roller and other equipment that you would only use for the one time.

And if you mess up the job, it will cost you more time and money to put it right. Flooring is nowhere as easy as it looks.

We Can Help!

Working with Salt Lake City flooring professionals means that you will get a high quality, durable job that is done right the first time. Tile installation, carpet installation, hardwood flooring, or anything you can imagine will look better and last longer when you experience the quality of a company like Utah Flooring and Design.

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