Sep 4, 2017

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When Might It Be Necessary To See An Emergency Dentist?

When Might It Be Necessary To See An Emergency Dentist?

It is a fact that the leading causes of dental emergencies are sports injuries, auto accidents, and severe tooth aches. In situations like this, emergency dental care is a must, but in many other situations, treatment can wait until the following day. How do you know what is a true dental emergency?

It is important when there is an emergency that you see an emergency dentist in Chicago Loop as soon as possible, appropriate measures must be taken in a timely fashion, if not the consequences could be dire. There are situations where emergency dental care is a must.

  • Knocked out tooth:
    This problem is quite common; people that engage in contact sports and don’t wear a protective mouth guard are placing themselves at risk. The key issue in these cases is time, the sooner the person gets to see an emergency dentist in Chicago Loop, the better.
  • Cracked or chipped tooth:
    These types of issues may or may not be cause for immediate emergency attention; a lot has to do with the location of the tooth within the mouth and the severity of the damage. A minor chip or crack does not constitute an emergency situation; these things can be dealt with the following day. If the break is such that the pulp cavity is exposed, thus involving the nerves, then it is fair to say this constitutes a true emergency situation.
  • Tooth ache:
    Tooth aches can be caused by a number of things, perhaps an abscess has formed on the tooth root, or decay has reached the point where it causes pain. These situations always warrant a telephone call to your dentist, in many cases, you can be seen quickly as most dentists plan for emergencies and leave time in their busy schedules to deal with these situations.

Never hesitate to call your dentist day or night. Even if your dentist is not currently available, there will be specific instructions on the answering machine that will direct you to an alternative caregiver, be it a dentist or the hospital emergency room.

Dental emergency situations arise, and there is no other option but to contact an emergency dentist in Chicago Loop. If you feel your situation is such that it constitutes a true emergency you are invited to call Pure Dental Spa.

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