Oct 31, 2015

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When It’s Time To Forgo Curative Care, Home Nursing Care Will Help During This Difficult Time

When It’s Time To Forgo Curative Care, Home Nursing Care Will Help During This Difficult Time

Medical treatments for an incurable illness are often very difficult on the patient, severely impacting their quality of life. Eventually, there comes a time when the patient simply doesn’t wish to continue with those treatments. This can be a very difficult decision for the family to accept.
Families don’t want to lose someone that they love; no one would. When a loved one decides to Forgo Curative Care, it doesn’t mean that they have stopped fighting. It really means that they wish to be able to spend quality time with those they love and create memories that will comfort their loved ones.

How Hospice Can Help
Hospice care is recommended after a physician’s diagnosis of six months or less. There are a number of services that can be provided to assist both the patient and the family during this time. Many patients choose to spend their remaining time at the home they love, spending as much time as possible with their family, friends and beloved pets.

  • Pain management and relief from symptoms will be provided to ensure the patient’s comfort.
  • Home nursing care helps with medications and other recommended treatments, based upon the unique needs of the patient. Hospice care providers are warm, compassionate caregivers dedicated to ensuring that the patient enjoys a high quality of life during this time.
  • Assistance is provided to patients who need help with bathing and grooming.
  • Family members cannot always be with their loved one, but don’t want them to be alone. Hospice care offers companionship, whether the patient wants to chat, spend a little time outdoors or simply have someone sitting with them in their bedroom.
  • Emotional and spiritual support is a very important component of hospice care for both the patient and family members.

Bereavement Support
Bereavement support services are provided to those needing assistance in dealing with their grief. For up to 13 months after the loss, those left behind will receive one-on-one visits, phone calls and bereavement mailings. Referrals to additional services or support groups are available.

When it’s time to Forgo Curative Care, Serenity Hospice and Palliative Care in Phoenix, AZ, provides exceptional nursing services for patients who wish to remain at home for their final days or months. They understand that this is a very challenging and difficult time and stand ready to provide the help that is needed.

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