When It’s Time for Fence Replacement in Roanoke VA

The old wood fence has been in rough shape for a long time, and now it’s starting to actually collapse. Mom never wanted any changes made to the fence, including painting it. Dad had passed away a few years after building the structure, and Mom liked to see the fence just as he had crafted it. Now, however, it’s time for Fence Replacement in Roanoke VA. The once-loved yard feature has, sadly enough, become an eyesore.

Professional Replacement

Without Dad to build another wood fence, the mother and adult daughter decide that professional Fence Replacement in Roanoke VA is the best option. At first, Mom is totally committed to another wood structure, but she’s willing to consider vinyl after being told about the advantages. The old fence deteriorated because nobody wanted to maintain it after Dad was gone. With Mom living by herself now and in her senior years, she’s not thrilled with the idea of painting or staining wood fences.

Low-Maintenance Vinyl

This maintenance work isn’t necessary with vinyl. Vinyl, in fact, can last indefinitely. It doesn’t rot due to moisture, and it doesn’t become weathered because of hot sunshine beating on it over the years. It’s resistant to bugs and rodents that gnaw on wood.

Providing Some Privacy

The old fence is not a complete privacy fence, although it did provide some privacy. The boards were staggered with one nailed to one side and another just beneath it on the other side, in a recurring pattern. It’s about 6 ft. tall and encloses the area of the yard behind the garage and to the south of the house.

Choosing a Style, Color and Contractor

Installation of a new vinyl structure can be completed by a contractor such as Sam Fencing. The two women visit the website to find out more about this particular contractor. They decide on a style and color they like best. It’s very similar to what Dad built all those years ago, which makes them both happy. This fence will look just like wood and will be nearly the same color as the previous one. They both know Dad would approve. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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