Aug 3, 2013

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When It Comes To Hiring Detroit Translators, Businesses Cannot Afford To Make Excuses

Business owners looking to expand their companies on a global scale are often faced with the necessity of making their website content, written materials and legal documents available in foreign languages. Hiring Detroit translators can be costly, and business owners often consider attempting to handle translation needs on their own to save money. However, the excuses that can be made for leaving a professional translation service out of the budget are rarely legitimate when the risks of poor translation are weighed against actual translation costs.

Excuse: “So and so can do it.”
When translating a website or document from English to a foreign language, business owners often think of an employee who claims to be fluent in Spanish, or a relative who spent a summer studying in France. It is important to understand that, just because an individual is fluent in a language does not mean they are qualified to translate important written content or legal documents. Translation is a skill that takes a great deal of study to learn, and requires extensive certification.

Excuse: “We can’t afford it.”
The truth about the seeking the services provided by Detroit translators is – business owners can’t afford not to. A quality translation service may be pricey, but companies cannot afford the consequences that translation mistakes can cause. Errors in translation can result in miscommunications between businesses and customers, give a business a bad reputation, or even bring legal actions against a business.

Excuse: “We can use an online tool.”
With the rise in translation websites such as Google Translate, businesses often believe that they can plug their website content into an online tool and receive an accurate translation. Simply put, websites cannot offer the same accurate, verbally sound, grammatically correct translation that a professional translator can.

Excuse: “We don’t need it.”
All businesses, especially those who conduct international business, can benefit from having translations of their written content, forms, legal documents, and other important information. In order for a company to grow on a global scale, translation is a necessity.

The Marketing Analysts Translation Service work with each client to ensure that the needs of each specific business or individual are met. We understand that trusting our translators with your service needs is an important decision, and we invite you to.

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