Aug 21, 2014

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When is Roof Repair in Santa Fe, TX Not Good Enough?

When do you stop roof repair Santa Fe TX tasks and replace the entire roof? One good hint is if, no matter the number of times you call in a professional roofer, your roof is still leaking. Aging roofs can only be repaired for so long before they have to be replaced.

When your roof shingles are brittle and starting to split, patchwork will simply not hold it together permanently. In such a case, the best strategy is to carry out emergency repairs when required, saving your roofing money. Money saved can then be placed into a pool for a new roof.

Taking too long to carry out repairs

If you decide to wait your roof out, you expose yourself to expensive structural and roof repair Santa Fe TX costs. While at one time an inexpensive recovery repair would have worked, you will now be required to do a total replacement of the upper deck to ensure your home is safe once again.

Waiting out the roof is probably going to cost you about five times what repairs would have cost a while ago. Making matters worse is the likelihood that replacing the entire roof is likely to be a major inconvenience for you and your family.

What should you do?

Get in touch with a roof repair Santa Fe TX expert who will carry out a thorough examination of your roof. The expert will then give you his or her opinion on how much money it will cost you to install a new roof and the time it will take.

With the cost at hand, divide the figure by the number of years you would like your new roofing to last (ten for a basic roof, twenty for a premium roof). If the number you get is close to how much it will cost you in repairs, replace your roof. Your roofer will also help you choose the best options between:

   Replacing your entire roofing structure
*    Applying a new coating, or
  Continuing with repair work

When done promptly, long-term repair work will stretch your roof’s life. Ignoring your roof and hoping the problems will go away eventually only creates more expensive and bigger issues you need to fix. The roof repair Santa Fe TX professionals at Guaranteed Roofing will help you create a plan for roof maintenance and inspection.

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