When is oral surgery required?

Dentists who specialize in oral and maxillofacial surgery have to have extensive training and education, as well as an in depth appreciation of the aesthetics and function that will allow them to perform surgery on the mouth, teeth, face and jaws. People who complain of problems in these areas often need dental oral surgery in Butler PA.

There are a number of conditions that often require dental surgery, they include:

Impacted wisdom teeth:

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge, most of the time they develop and emerge from the gum and there is space for them. However, there are times when this is not the case and there is insufficient room for these “third molars.” If the tooth should fail to cut, or if it does, it is seriously misaligned; it becomes impacted or trapped between the jawbone and the tissue of the gum.

Impacted wisdom teeth are very painful. They can cause infection in the gum tissue and in addition; they can damage nearby teeth and bone. They can cause the formation of cysts, which can seriously damage the jaw.

When any tooth becomes impacted, the dentist will recommend that the patient visit a dental oral surgery in Butler PA.

Loss of teeth:

In the event one or more teeth are missing, dental implants are often a better solution than dentures. The implant, which is small titanium pin, becomes a replacement root, this third root allows for the setting of a crown. To have success with dental implants the patient must have a solid jaw bone, dense and not be prone to infection. The jaw bone is prepared for the implant, which is set and then the bone is allowed to grow around it. After a couple of months, the implant is stable and is now capable of maintain the crown.

Problems related to the jaw:

Unequal growth of the jaws: At times, the upper jaw and lower jaw do not grow properly. When this occurs, the person will find speaking, eating, swallowing and even breathing difficult. Some of these problems can be corrected with braces, but the more serious problems must be treated by dental oral surgery in Butler PA. The surgery may remove sections of the upper or lower jaw, placing them back in a more balanced and functional location.

Denture fit: People who are getting dentures for the first time may require oral surgery to correct any deformities in the jaw or palate, allowing for a better and more comfortable fit of the denture. Long time denture wearers may also have problems with bone deterioration, which causes the denture not to fit properly; this as well can be treated by dental oral surgery in Butler PA.
Other conditions that can be corrected by oral surgery are TMJ disorders, cleft lip and palate and sleep apnea.

Dental oral surgery in Butler PA is but one of the specialties of Quad County Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. They can enhance your appearance, improve chewing and help shape your face.


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