When Is it Time to Opt for a Bass Restoration in St. Petersburg, FL?

It is possible that at various points in a bass instrument lifetime, there may be the need to open it up for repairs or restoration. It may be necessary to have it completely opened up, checked thoroughly, and then rid of all the failing parts. In turn, the instrument should be given long-lasting repairs that will improve the instrument’s tone.

Additionally, this can keep the bass in good physical condition for the current and next generation of users. A good bass restoration in St. Petersburg, FL will improve the look, sound, and power of the bass.

Does Your Bass Need Restoration?

If you have a bass and think that it’s time for restoration, the best thing to do is to go to a good luthier near you and have a thorough checkup done. An experienced luthier will give you a detailed explanation of the work that needs to be done. This can even include the repair or changing of bass strings. Some luthiers don’t charge for the initial consultation, so be sure to find a good service for Bass Restoration In St. Petersburg, FL that offers this.

How Long Does Bass Restoration Take?

Good restoration does not happen overnight, the main reason being that wood is affected by climate and the glue used often needs time to dry properly.

Sometimes luthiers can only clean, prepare, and glue one crack in a day, as they need to wait overnight for glue to properly dry before resuming restoration. Alongside, for these reasons, luthiers also take on several restoration projects so that they can multitask and serve several customers. A rushed restoration is rarely successful, so it is a good idea to allow your luthier sufficient time for the job.

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