Nov 6, 2013

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When is it OK to Buy Used Auto Parts?

Buying new car parts can get expensive, there are many times when used auto parts in Phoenix are just as good as new ones. Used auto parts can certainly be a lifesaver, especially when a new one may be weeks away after it is placed on special order. Of course, you have to be extra careful when buying used auto parts because if it fails to work or does not fit properly, it is useless. Here are a few tips that may help you determine whether used auto parts are the right thing to buy or not.

Used auto parts fall into three basic categories; those that are always OK to use, those are may be OK and those that are never OK to use. Here are a few examples of each:

Always OK to use:

Exhaust manifold, hub caps, tail lights, valve cover and body panels. As you can see from this very short list, the parts that are always OK are those that take no specific abuse that will weaken them.

Sometimes OK to use:

Cylinder heads, fuel pump, radiator, transmission. These parts are those that are in common use but in the event they fail it does not result in a catastrophe.

Never OK to use:

Clutch disc, bearings, air bags, ball joints and wheel cylinders. These are parts that are subject to heavy wear and should they fail in service, there could be an accident.

Over and above knowing what used auto parts in Phoenix AZ are candidates for use or not, there are a few other guidelines to take into account.

1. Know exactly what you need, if you cannot identify the part then take the old part with you and let the dealer identify it for you.
2. Ask plenty of questions about the part and its condition.
3. Make sure you can return the part if it does not fit or function. Even though you are careful in detailing what you want, mistakes can be made.
4. Make sure the part is good for what you wish to repair. If you happen to crack a tail light lens then a used replacement is as good as a new one,
however, if the brake rotors are shot then you should consider buying new.

If you use common sense and ask questions, you rarely will go wrong when you shop for used auto parts in Phoenix. Alma Imports have two decades of experience in sourcing the best possible used auto parts in Phoenix. Alma stocks a wide range of engines and transmissions as well as mirrors, body parts and engine parts.


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