Nov 15, 2013

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When is it necessary to get a permit for plumbing work?

Many projects around the home; whether plumbing in Alamo or perhaps electrical or a complete renovation of a house requires a permit. When you first begin to plan a plumbing project, one of the first things to consider is whether there will be need for a permit or not.

Many homeowners are of the opinion that permits are things that are required when a home is being built from the ground up or when the renovation project is one of magnitude. Often, the home owner does not consider that many smaller projects also need permits; often this is not the case. Although the project may appear to be small in the eyes of the homeowner, in the eyes of the local government, it does require a permit before any work is undertaken.

It is well understood that large projects involvingĀ plumbing in Alamo will need a permit. When you hire a licensed plumber to perform the work, they will discuss this issue with you and advise what permits are required. Even smaller projects that many homeowners can do themselves need a permit. To help in standardizing plumbing in all parts of the country there is a national plumbing code. In many localities there are also unique state and local codes and regulations that must be adhered to, these local and state codes actually supersede all others.

In most cases the plumber that you engage for the work will be familiar with the various codes and he will be able to direct you on this issue. If you have yet to discuss your project with a professional you can visit the building department of your municipality and check precisely what you will need in the way of permits. Many local building departments have developed a web site that has the details listed which eliminates the need for a visit to the offices.

Although there may be a listing on a web site that dictates when permits are needed, there may be times when it is a little confusing. If this is case you really must go to the office in person and discuss your project with one of the inspectors. At times the wording used by officialdom is somewhat difficult for a lay person to understand.

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