When Honey Bee Swarm Invades Your Home in Westerville, OH

A honey bee swarm in your homestead in Westerville, OH will surely make you quite uncomfortable. The bees may be located in one of the trees in your compound or inside your garage. They may not be disturbing you literally, but you would be certainly worried. You would not want to come home from work and find the faces of your children all swollen due to bee stings. The swarm may also attract people in your compound trying to get honey. If the swarm is on a frequently used location, such as on a tree next to the gate, you will not like the noise they produce every time you go through the gate.

Although these insects are not as bad as monsters, they do cause considerable nuisance when they visit your home. Generally, a honey bee swarm will be gone from your homestead after just a few days. Honey bees only take temporary shelter in such places and the swarm would be gone once their scouts get a better shelter somewhere else. However, the bees may stay permanently if the tree has a hole inside the trunk. They may also relocate to a dark hollow part of your garage. You will thus be forced to get rid of them.

What to do when they stay?

There are only two ways of getting rid of a swarm of honey bees. You can decide to kill them, using poison, or you can hire an expert to humanely remove them. Although bees are not protected by the law, it is not advisable to spray them with poison every time you encounter them. The best decision is to have them removed by an expert. There are companies in Westerville, OH that will gladly remove the honey bee swarm in your home. This way, you get to do away with the nuisance and the bees can be relocated to a place where they can offer beneficial properties.

Preventing other colonies from invading

The swarm generally likes a place where they can build a nice home with minimum disturbance. Hollow places suit them perfectly. To prevent another swarm from invading your garage, trees or store, you will need to take care of these places. If you have trees with hollow stems, you may consider cutting them down. Do not forget to plant others in their place! Hollow places in your garage and store, or even your house should all be blocked. This will make sure they the scout bees do not notice them, leave alone accessing them. If the bees had already made some honey, this may attract other colonies in your home. Ensure that all the honey is removed and clean all its traces in the compound. You may even need to spray the area to remove the odor which may attract other swarms.

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