Feb 23, 2012

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When Good Deals on Playsets Are Not Good Deals at All

Everybody likes to find a good deal, and searching for playsets for your school, organization or home presents the opportunity to do just that. Playsets are available online, at home improvement centers and even second-hand through print and web-based want ads. Usually, all of these sources for playsets are reputable and meet all of the required safety standards. Usually, but not always.

Recently, the Better Business Bureau warned of some online ads that were found on Craigslist that redirected potential buyers of playsets to a business that claimed to have BBB approval. It did not. Furthermore, the person listed as the administrator of the business claimed to have no knowledge of it when contacted. The BBB has warned consumers to be careful and to verify internet claims whenever conducting business online.

Purchasing playsets online is not a dangerous prospect in and of itself. However, as with all internet transactions, it is a good idea to make sure that the business you deal with is a reputable one. If you are looking to purchase used playsets, it can be a great way to get a great bargain, but it can also be a way of acquiring playsets that do not meet all current safety standards.

There are all kinds of safety standards in place for commercial and home playsets, and you should familiarize yourself with those requirements before beginning your shopping. If the playsets you are looking at do not meet these standards, or if the previous owner has no way of verifying that they do, then the playsets are not a good deal, regardless of the price.

Playsets offer a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy the benefits of outdoor play. However, when those same playsets are not constructed according to the highest safety standards, they can also present an opportunity for injuries. If a child is injured because a used playset is out of compliance with safety standards, not only does mean that a great-looking deal turned out to be not so great, but it also means the playset is a huge legal liability.

Shopping for playsets can be as fun and exciting for adults as playing on them can be for children. However, just as children must be cautioned to exercise safe play, the same caution should be extended to adults. Always make sure to check out the nature of any businesses that sell playsets, and make sure to verify the safety of the playsets themselves.

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