Feb 3, 2014

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When God whispers will you hear Him?

Those with faith know that God’s messages do not come to us in loud and brazen messages but often in whispers. However those with less faith often miss God’s messages because they are not listening carefully. Bishop E Bernard Jordan Prophecies can help deepen those with little faith by helping you hear God’s whispers so you in turn can learn to hear them on your own.

Not in Words, but in Actions

You know that actions can speak much louder than words. So maybe God is not always whispering, but instead encouraging us through actions. It is important to understand as a Christian that God’s actions are seen in the actions of man. In other words it is shown by how you and I behave. A comedian on television once proclaimed that if he knew he wouldn’t get hurt he would try to save the world. It is fear that keeps most people from performing God’s will. Fear of being laughed at or fear of being hurt. It is hard to smile and say “God will provide” to a tough audience. But it is even harder to stand up when something wrong is happening and try to put an end to it. It can be trying to break up some kids fighting in the street. It can be seeing someone who does not have enough money to pay for their groceries and offering to help. Or it can be something with huge social impact like saving Jewish families in World War II or helping to free African Americans from slavery. Do not underestimate the power of smaller acts of kindness as these acts do not go unnoticed by God or by your neighbors.

Freedom through Personal Prophecy

A personal prophecy can provide you the freedom to have faith in God. Bishop E Bernard Jordon prophecies will show you the path God wants you to follow and help convince you of his love to strengthen your faith. When God whispers to you it will be easier to hear him and when he speaks to you through the kind acts of others you will take it as a sign to stand up and join in. God does not expect all of us to be crusaders. He just wants us to share his love.

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