Jun 18, 2013

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When Considering Cosmetic Dentistry Gilbert AZ Patients Should Request A Consultation

Have you suffered for years with missing or yellowed teeth and wished you could go back to the bright, white, original smile you enjoyed in your youth? If so, consulting an experienced cosmetic dentist might be a great way to get started on reclaiming the confidence you enjoyed when you felt your smile made a great first impression.

When choosing a practice for Cosmetic Dentistry Gilbert AZ residents should consider several criteria. First, look for a cosmetic dentist who enjoys a positive reputation within the community. The first place to ask for a referral is your general dentist. Most general dentists have a few cosmetic dentists they work with consistently, and can recommend without hesitation to their patients.

You may also want to ask friends or relatives if they have visited a cosmetic dentist they’ve been very happy with. If no other referrals are available, sometimes reviewing online feedback or review websites can provide insights on other patients’ experiences with a dentist.

Once they’ve identified whom they’d like to consider for Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ residents should make an appointment for a consultation. During the consultation, the cosmetic dentist will complete a full evaluation of your dental issues and develop a treatment plan to address these issues. If more extensive work is required, such as dental implants, veneers, or some types of reconstructive surgery, it is likely that the treatment will require several visits. The dentist will be able to provide a treatment time-line, which will include time for healing and re-evaluations as the treatment progresses.

It is also important to have a conversation with the dentist, or his representative in the office, about the cost of the treatments, any insurance coverage that may apply, and any payment arrangements that are available. Before committing to any Cosmetic Dentist Gilbert AZ patients should have a complete understanding of what their financial obligations will be, and how those charges are calculated. Some cosmetic dentists, for example, will charge a flat fee for a procedure, which will include all follow up appointments and any adjustments or fittings. Others, on the other hand, charge per appointment, and will estimate the required number of appointments during the consultation.

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