Aug 20, 2015

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When an AC Repair in Wichita, Kansas Won’t Be Enough

A homeowner may call for an AC Repair in Wichita Kansas, only to find the system needs to be replaced. This strikes terror in the heart of many homeowners, as they are imagining thousands of dollars going out the door. Before agreeing to any replacement unit, homeowners need to make certain the new system is properly sized for the home and will meet their needs in other ways. Following are some tips on how to choose a new air conditioning unit for one’s home.

The goal when choosing a new system is to remember that all good systems are designed to keep the homeowner’s utility bills under control by using the least amount of energy required to cool the home. The system needs to offer optimal performance for many years to come, as long as the system is properly maintained, and the homeowner shouldn’t have to spend a fortune for this maintenance and upkeep. The system should also be quiet during operation.

The system must be properly sized for the home. Units that are too small don’t sufficiently cool the home, but units that are too big cycle on and off more than is necessary. This not only increases the homeowner’s energy bills, but it also places a burden on the compressor, and this can lead to early failure of this component.
When sizing a unit, the contractor must look at numerous factors. He or she needs to calculate the square footage of the home, the amount of insulation present, and the local climate. Appliances which generate heat need to be factored in, along with the direction the house faces. The number of trees present in the yard will affect the size of the unit, and the same is true of the window exposure and dimensions. Ask the contractor what factors he or she uses to calculate the size of the unit and why.

When one finds they are in need of AC Repair in Wichita Kansas, or Heater Repair, a reputable company needs to be selected. Keep the above information in mind when speaking with different contractors to ensure they are providing accurate information. Any contractor who refuses to answer questions or uses technical jargon when answering needs to be avoided. The technician should ensure the homeowner understands the work to be completed before proceeding for excellent results. Look at more info.

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