Jun 27, 2016

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Wheel Hub Assembly Troubleshooting

You may take for granted the day-to-day efficient operation of your wheel hub assembly, but from time to time, you should give it a looking over. There are a number of ways to tell if there is a problem with wheel hub assemblies, and some signs are apparent, while others require deeper investigation. These units can become damaged if they are taken apart and not put back together properly or if there has been corrosion within the unit.

Problems with Disassembly

If your wheel hub assemblies are kept whole, you are not likely to have a problem with disassembly, but if the parts are not in the right places, damage can result. Seals may break, lubrication can be worn off and abrasions can prevent a close fit of various parts. For all of these reasons, when in doubt, it is best to leave your wheel hub as it is prior to installing it.

Contamination and Corrosion

Another set of problems can arise if certain materials can enter the wheel hub assembly, such as water, salt or other substances. If there has been contamination in the wheel hub assembly, you may not detect it until there is malfunctioning. Therefore, it is essential to keep moisture and other materials away from units. Corrosion results when the units are not stored properly and are placed in leaky areas or places where the insulation is not sturdy.

Protecting Your Units

Problems with wheel hub assemblies can develop before they are installed and may be discovered by your customers later on. You owe it to your business to ensure that employees treat these units correctly by leaving them intact in a, dry, well-insulated area far away from materials that could penetrate the units. Check that your shop provides optimal conditions for storing wheel hubs and make repairs if you notice walls that may have leaks. You should be able to stand by your products, so keep your shop in top condition for storage.

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