Sep 3, 2015

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What’s XML and Why You Need It

What’s XML and Why You Need It

XML or Extensible Markup Language works much like HTML. It’s a set of rules that govern how documents are encoded in a way that humans and machines can read.

Difference with HTML

While similar in many respects, the main difference between the XML and HTML is this: XML was built to describe data. It carries the information programs need and answers the question: what data is this? HTML, in contrast, was built to display information. The question it answers is: how does this data look?

What Extensible Means

With XML, developers can create their own tags, the order in which these tags happen on the page and how they look.

The important word there is extensible, though. It means it extends our idea of what a file can be: either as storage for information or as a file that can go back and forth between computer systems, which is essentially how web services function. The second though, needs XML API to work.

Why Does It Matter?

API, or Application Program Interface, allows XML to move and share data between different web applications. Without XML via API, a lot of web services won’t be able to work as seamlessly as they do now. From pasting your photos from Paint to Word or sending files online, this is what it takes to make all that happen.

Uses of XML

XML is useful in a variety of web development applications. Because XML is available in plain text format, that makes it incredibly easy to use and create information with XML, information that can be stored and shared on a lot of applications. That’s XML API at work. Since APIs allow for one application to communicate with another, it allows an XML document to communicate and share information with other programs.

XML also allows users of an HTML document to update an entire page of code, without having to change everything, every time. Unlike HTML, XML data can be saved in separate XML files, which makes it simple and convenient to update pages.

XML API for your Business

If you want to build an app for your business, maybe one your clients can use—like a shopping app or game app—then you’ll need to find an application development company to provide you with the best solution possible. Companies like White Sunrise offers XML API services in Atlanta. To get started on your app, give them a call.

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