Apr 20, 2016

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What’s a Diesel Exhaust Fluid Cap?

What’s a Diesel Exhaust Fluid Cap?

The diesel exhaust fluid caps allow you to refill a diesel engine’s emission’s fluid, additionally referred to as diesel exhaust fluid. DEF may sound as if it is one of those mysterious things such as the blink fluid or shelf-stretcher. Though, actually, in the last few years, manufacturers of diesel engines have been utilizing something referred to as selective catalytic reduction to decrease NOx (nitrous oxide) emissions. Within the past, EGR was utilized to decrease nitrous oxide emissions. Exhaust gas recirculation will effect combustion and will make an engine less fuel-efficient. Selective catalytic reduction will reduce emissions inside the catalytic converter, giving manufacturers of engines more leeway in tuning diesel engines, meaning engines are able to utilize less fuel and run better.

The selective catalytic reduction system operates by spraying diesel exhaust fluid, a mix of urea and deionized water inside the catalytic converter. Diesel exhaust fluid will react with nitrous oxide to turn it to harmless nitrogen and water. The diesel exhaust fluid will get sprayed at around 2 – 3% the fuel use rate. The diesel exhaust fluid is stored inside a tank which you’ll have to refill as often as you do an oil change.

To refill the DEF, twist the cap off. In most trucks, the cap can be found behind the fuel door, close to the fuel filler cap. Within some instances, the DEF cap might be found inside the truck or underneath the hood. A few DEF caps may be locked using a key to prevent tampering or theft.

How to know if your DEF Cap must be Replaced

Diesel exhaust fluid cap will keep fluid in a tank and debris and dirt out. Over time, it can develop leaks and cracks. Dirt inside the DEF eventually will settle inside the catalytic converter, and make it less efficient that may make you fail an emissions inspection. DEF isn’t toxic, yet it may corrode specific metals. Therefore, it is better to not allow a leaking DEF cap to go untreated.

Do you need a Replacement DEF Filler Cap?

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