What You Should Know About Septic Tank Cleaning In Sorrento, FL

If you have never lived in a home utilizing a septic tank, you may have a few questions about Septic Tank Cleaning Sorrento, FL and how it’s done. To protect your septic system, it’s imperative you keep your septic tank pumped or cleaned on a regular basis. For the average family of four, regular means having your septic tank pumped every three to five years, however, this is based on how large your tank is and how many people are using your system. If you don’t remember how long ago you had your tank cleaned or you’ve only recently moved in and don’t know the maintenance history of your tank, it’s best to have a company specializing in Drain Cleaning in Sorrento, FL come out and take a look. Once you become a regular customer, most companies will send out a reminder email or postcard when it’s time to have your tank pumped again.

While keeping your septic tank cleaned out can help extend the life of your system, other events can happen to cause problems with your septic tank. You may spot pools of water or brown, muddy dirt around the base of your tank. Additionally, keep an eye on your toilet, tub or showers, noticing if the drains are backing up or if there are bubbling sounds coming from the toilets. This could indicate problems needing a contractor to look into for you.

If your home is now using a septic tank, there are several practices you should now avoid. These include:

Excessive use of household chemicals such as paints, insecticides, cleaners and paint thinners.

Do not drain your Jacuzzi or swimming pool into your septic tank, instead, drain these far away from your tanks to avoid chemicals leaking into your tank.

Never flush cigarettes, tampons, pads, baby wipes, or condoms. These items will swell up and clog a septic system, causing it to back up and flood a home.

Using bacterial additives, however, is a positive step you can take to ensure the well-being of your septic tank system. These additives will grow healthy bacteria in your system, helping it operate properly. The healthy bacteria, in turn, digests the organic waste. Ask your Septic Tank Cleaning Sorrento, FL about what additives you should be using in your tank.

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