Oct 15, 2013

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What You Should Know About Paint Finishing in Grand Rapids

Painting is one of the procedures that improve the aesthetic appeal of the home. It also does increase the value of the home. For some people, painting is a reflection of who they are in terms of tastes and preferences. However, this is only true if it is done by the right contractor. This is an art that will require both skills and expertise. Thus, you need to know the kind of contractors you hire for paint finishing in Grand Rapids. There are various types of paint finish also. These will greatly determine the kind of look that you will have in the end. Here are some of the most common ones.


This is normally referred to as flat paint. It does not have a lot of shine and thus rarely reflects light. Mainly, it is used to remodel walls that have cracked and are rather old. They give them a complete new look. However, the bad thing is that it is quite hard to clean. Thus, it may not be suitable if there are children around.

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This type of finishing is normally applied on trims in the home. However, it is good to know that it is rarely used on walls, as it does not offer the sane sophistication as the other paints. It will also require expertise as it does require a lot of preparation.


This is the complete opposite of the matte finish. Unlike matte, it does not reflect light. However, the best thing about it is that it is rather easy to clean. This is thus better and is used more by people who have little children and pets, as it is easy to wash.


This is a rather smoother finish. It is recommended for areas that require frequent washing or heavy traffic. It does not easily wear due to water hence very fit for bathroom walls.

Various other designs are also available. As you have seen, choosing the right Painting Contractor is one thing. However, selecting the right paint finish can also be hard and will also require skills. Jon De Graaf Painting contractors know what you are looking for in terms of services and products. They will evaluate your home and assist you make the best decision. At the end of the day, they will simply make paint Finishing in Grand Rapids easy and efficient.

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