Nov 17, 2014

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What You Should Know About Condo Insurance in Fort Myers

Florida is prone to dramatic changes in weather. It is a place famous for tornadoes and other violent weather types. If you own, a condo in you may want to consider Condo Insurance in Fort Myers. Before buying condo insurance, you should make sure you know the difference between the different policies companies offer. People tend to believe that the Master policy is the only one they need to protect their property.

Here are some things you should be aware of when it comes to buying a condo insurance policy and what to look for when looking for a policy:

1. Master Policy: a Master Policy is usually split among the owners or renters of the condominium. They cover a limited list of items. Most cover common item, grounds, and the building with liability insurance. This means you are covered if anyone gets injured while on the property in the public areas. The Master Policy does not cover individual condos in regards to damage, items, or people becoming injured.
2. Private Insurance: buying a private insurance policy will usually cover any damages that occur within the condo. Items inside the condo will also be included in a separate policy as well as natural events. Events such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes usually require a separate policy. These are known as add-on policies; they usually cost a little extra but can be very useful in areas such as Florida. If you use any area of the condo for business purposes, it will require a separate insurance policy.
3. Options and add-ons: there are a variety of options when a condo insurance policy for covering items within the home. It is highly recommended you purchase replacement costs for any items you wish to include in your insurance coverage. In the event, items are stolen or damaged the insurance policy will cover the replacement costs of those items. Another useful add-on is the personal property floater. This covers items by increasing the coverage limits. This will provide cover for items such as jewelry.
4. Discounts: insurance providers may apply discounts if your condo has safety features installed, safety features could include smoke detectors and alarms.

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