Apr 24, 2013

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What You Security System Need to Know Before Choosing a Home

If you are like most people, you worry about vandals breaking into your home. After all, it is probably your biggest investment, and you want to protect it. More importantly, you want to protect the people and irreplaceable things inside your house. The most effective way to do both is to install a security system. Some people set up their own alarm systems, which offer some protection. However, professional security companies can offer more advantages and options, and far more safety. Not all businesses provide the same services, so, when searching for businesses that install Burglar Alarms Iowa City IA homeowners should consider the kind of security they need.

The primary purpose of a residential security system is to detect intruders who try to enter the home through vulnerable areas, such as doors and windows. In most cases, this can easily be accomplished with a security system that has a control panel hidden in a closet or other area, and sensors placed around the home. Most Access Control Systems include a keypad, which allows a homeowner to arm and disarm the system. If intruders enter the house while the system is armed, the sensors send a message to the central unit, which alerts monitoring personnel. The type of security equipment can vary. For instance, when they are choosing Burglar Alarms Iowa City IA customers have the option of selecting electronic devices known as PIR’s. These can detect motion or body heat and are a good way to provide security when no one is at home. “Pet immune” PIR’s can even be installed so that pets do not activate the sensors.

Many people are choosing wireless security technology for their homes. These systems are often easier for professionals to install, do not require drilling holes anywhere, and are considered very stable. They use wireless keypads which can arm and disarm systems remotely. Remote keys are convenient and small enough to fit on a key chain. Additionally, there are security systems which can be controlled from touch tone and cell phones. Homeowners can use their phones to control their security system, air conditioner, lights, appliances, and even the thermostat. Wireless technology offers customers extra safety and security, since they can manage their home devices no matter where they are. Click here for more information.

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