Jan 14, 2014

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What you Need to Know About Tile Roofing in Naples, FL

Tile Roofing in Naples, FL is usually made from materials such as clay or a metamorphic rock called slate. Concrete and plastic are also becoming an increasingly popular material for roof tiles. These tiles are designed to keep out various forms of precipitation such as snow and rain. In addition, they provide shelter from extreme temperatures, whether it is extreme heat or extreme cold. Roof tiles come in a number of different designs, also known as profiles. These are:

1. Flat

This is the simplest profile, and the tiles are laid out in rows that overlap in a regular pattern. Flat tiles are most commonly made of clay, but you may also find them made from materials such as wood, concrete, stone or plastic.

2. Roman

The Roman pattern of Tile Roofing in Naples, FL incorporates a design where the tile has a concave curve at one of its ends, is flat in the mid-section, and then has a convex curve at the other end. This design allows for the tiles to be interlocked effectively.

3. Barrel

These tiles are designed to be semi-cylindrical. They are laid in columns, alternating tiles with convex and concave curves. The most common materials for this tile profile are plastic, metal, clay and concrete.

4. Pantiles

The pantile design is S-shaped, which makes it possible for adjacent tiles to interlock. The resultant pattern appears ridged, like a field that has been plowed.

Tile Roofing in Naples, FL helps to significantly enhance the appearance of any building, whether residential or commercial, because it gives the building a degree of authenticity and architectural quality. Choosing tile roofing also ensures you do not need to replace your roof regularly because roofing tiles are highly durable and are generally not affected by rust or rot. In fact, for roofing tiles made of concrete, exposure enhances their durability.

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