What You Need to Know About Texas Vineyards and Wineries

When you think about vineyards, the first location that pops into your head is likely not the state of Texas. However, grapes have been grown in this state since the middle 1600s, so it makes completely sense that wine would also originate in the area. Modern winemaking in Texas didn’t catch on until the 1970s but it has been growing ever since. Today we’ll look at what you can expect when visiting vineyards in Texas.

Texas Vineyard and Winery Locations

Texas has hundreds of wineries and the industry has seen a lot of growth in recent years. In fact, Texas is the fifth largest wine producing state in the U.S. However, what may make it lesser known is the fact that nearly all of the local wine from Texas is also consumed by locals. There are several wineries located on the eastern regions of the state, as well as dozens of wineries located near both Houston and Dallas. There are also some wineries in other locations such as the central Texas area and western region, but they are less concentrated.

Plenty of Unique Locations to Visit

There are vineyards in Texas which offer to lodge with astounding views, wineries that provide a full menu of dishes to enjoy with the wine, and others that offer events like weddings at the vineyard. Some wines are produced entirely with organic grapes for those who want that type of experience. What you can count on with any vineyard in Texas is sipping on great wine, talking with knowledgeable staff, and experiencing a totally different winery experience than you will anywhere else on earth.

Food Trucks, Live Music, and More

Choosing to visit Texas vineyards is making a decision to take part in an experience. It isn’t just about the wine, although the wine is often quality. It’s about immersing yourself in the Texas culture and trying new things. At Bell Springs Winery, you can enjoy live music on the weekends, an onsite food truck, and several wine tasting options. Every vineyard you visit will have its own identity and feel making it stand out from other places you visit.

If you’re making a list of Texas wineries to visit, make sure that Bell Springs Winery is on your list. You can find out more about what we offer and get in touch with us by visiting www.bellspringswinery.com

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