Mar 17, 2016

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What You Need to Know About Storage Facility Options for Lancaster, PA Customers

What You Need to Know About Storage Facility Options for Lancaster, PA Customers

There may be many reasons for looking into a storage facility. One could be that you are down-sizing, and there are many items you want to keep, but your new home does not have enough space for all of them. You may be moving into an apartment on a temporary basis, having sold your home, and you need space for your possessions until you find a more permanent residence. Regardless of the reason, you need to be informed about storage facilities.

Moving Company Options
As opposed to using an independent storage company, often the same company you are using for moving your household items provides a storage facility. Lancaster, PA customers, can take advantage of quotes offered by these service providers. Although it might be more expensive than the cost to use an independent storage company, there is the convenience of having the movers being able to move your household goods from your current home directly into storage and then from their storage vaults into your new home when you are ready.

While your items are in the facility, make sure you have access to them. Find out what kind of notice is required to access them and research their facility independently of the moving company itself.

Taking Inventory
Once the decision has been made to use a storage facility, a moving company serving the Lancaster, PA area can help you decide what to put into storage and what to take with you for your new home.

First, you should take inventory of what you have and decide whether or not you will ever really need any given item. Think about the last time you used that item, or whether you would miss it if you no longer had it. Either hold a yard sale to get rid of those items or donate them to charity.

Then, once you have decided what you will move and what you will store, take a closer look at the latter. Some items may require no special considerations, such as books, while others, such as valuable papers, may need facilities with climate control.

If you are storing family heirlooms and other valuable items, also make sure there are burglar alarms installed on-site to prevent theft and after-hours security personnel to monitor the facility.

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