Dec 10, 2014

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What You Need to Know About Replacing Home Siding in Harrisburg, PA

There are many property owners who do not know how to tell when it is time to replace their home siding in Harrisburg, PA. It is true that a professional analysis is the best method of knowing when you need to complete this home improvement task, but you could use some cues to know when it is time to upgrade. Sometimes, you may simply need to repair a portion of the siding, but in other cases a complete siding replacement project may be in order.

Water can damage siding. If it is on the outer portion of the siding, you might notice mold or mildew, and you can clean it away, but if water penetrates beneath the siding, mildew or mold can grow there. It would be nearly impossible to clean this area. The longer the mold and mildew remain, the greater the chances they will spread and cause structural damages. One of the main things about this type of damage is determining what allowed the water to enter the area behind the siding. In some cases, a faulty installation could be the culprit. Damaged siding can also produce the same circumstances, which is why it is important to get damages repaired in a timely manner.

By now you are likely wondering what kind of damages besides dents and dings are visible. Siding can warp, which would be one indicator. Warping may occur as a result of extreme temperatures, but certain types of siding can also warp if it exposed to water. For example, wood siding can warp as a result of water exposure. This is why painting and sealing wood siding is imperative. Some people do not like this maintenance task, and they opt for vinyl siding instead. They get the aesthetic advantages of wood without the commitment of painting and sealing in the future.

If you need to know whether you should replace your home siding in Harrisburg, PA, visit The professionals can inspect your property. You may want to consider upgrading your siding because of the current material option. Perhaps you are looking for a siding solution that involves less maintenance. These professionals can help with that, too.

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