Mar 11, 2014

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What You Need To Know About Moving Company Estimates

When local moving companies in Philly provide you with an estimate of the costs associated with your move there are a few things that should be kept in mind, these will help you make the right choice of mover.
* Binding or non-binding: These are the two types of estimates you expect to see, most moving companies vary by cost of course, but they also vary in the way they calculate their costs and offer the price. Some moving companies base their estimate on standard weights which are pre-estimated; this type of a proposal is non-binding. Other movers will offer a binding estimate, one which is firm and will not change. A binding estimate is a little different than a “not to exceed” estimate which simply means the price you pay will never be higher than the quoted price but could be lower, it is all based on the actual weight that is moved.
Most estimates given by local moving companies in Philly are of the not to exceed variety. Although the estimator usually is on the high side, you do know that you will never have to pay more and that you may find that you end up paying less.
* Weight: When you get a few quotes, compare the prices given per pound or kilo; this makes it easy to assess any differences when you know the cost up front. Weight charges are by far the biggest component of the cost to move but they are not the only charges. Other charges are based on the distance of the move and things such as moving from an upper story, having to park some distance away and carry the load, etc. You may find when you study the estimates that the company with a higher per pound price actually includes more as basic services.
* Distance: Distance as well as weight is the key components of the cost involved in making a move. This is not a significant issue if the move is within the city but can add up if the move is a longer distance.
* Extra services: If your local move is straight forward there should be no extra charges, however if you want a piano moved as well, this difficult and heavy object will constitute an extra cost. Make sure your new home is ready otherwise you may suffer in transit storage fees.
By knowing what the various elements go into the way the estimate is presented, you can select which of the local moving companies in Philly are giving you the best overall cost.
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