What You Need to Know About Commercial Auto Insurance in Wichita, KS

The same laws that require auto insurance for your personal vehicles also apply to your commercial vehicles. Keeping a commercial vehicle adequately covered is often even more important because your entire livelihood could be on the line.

One of the first problems many people encounter with Commercial auto insurance in Wichita KS, is determining whether or not they even need it. There are some very clear laws that define a commercial vehicle. Basically, your vehicle is considered commercial if it is used to pick up or delivery any item for your company. This could be anything from delivering a pizza or operating a limo service.
Commercial insurance is also required on any vehicle which is titled, registered, or will be insured under a business name, whether they are incorporated or not. If you perform a service with the vehicle, such as plowing snow, or charge any type of fee to others for its use, such as a rental, commercial insurance is also required.

Coverage for a commercial vehicle needs to include liability coverage, uninsured motorist protection and personal injury protection. Additional policies and what limits you may need to carry will depend on exactly how the business vehicle is used.

If you attempt to cover a commercial vehicle with a personal insurance policy, any claims may not be paid if an accident occurs. You could even face additional penalties and fees because you may be considered uninsured under the law.

You may need to provide proof of commercial insurance in order to perform some work tasks. These can include bidding on a specific job or transporting goods outside of state lines. Commercial auto insurance in Wichita KS, is often more expensive than personal auto insurance policies because they typically have higher risks and limits due to the number of miles driven and people using the vehicle. Your insurance agent will work with you to find the most affordable policy to protect your investment.

When you are ready to select your policy, or learn more about commercial insurance plans, contact Andy Woodward Insurance Agency. They offer a full line of personal and commercial policies to protect everything important in your life.

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