Feb 13, 2015

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What You Need To Know About Buying Auto Batteries

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to the auto batteries they select for their vehicle. However, getting the right battery really is important in how your vehicle will start and how long it will last.

Customers often come into our shop and want to buy the lowest cost batteries they can find. We don’t often recommend this as a primary factor in choosing a battery since lower cost batteries, or perhaps cheap batteries is a better term, are not going to have the sustained power that you need over time to keep your vehicle starting.

Old Style or New Technology

There are two basic types of auto batteries on the market today. One is a battery that will require topping up of the electrolyte level with use, which is called a maintenance-required battery.

These are lower cost batteries but if you fail to keep them topped up you can quickly damage the battery. They also tend have a shorter lifetime than the maintenance-free batteries that don’t require any special attention, tend to be longer lasting, but that have a higher initial cost.

The Ratings

All auto batteries will come from the manufacture with a CA rating or cracking amp rating. This is the amps that the battery produces to crank and start your vehicle. Each vehicle is set for a specific cranking amp so matching the battery to what the vehicle needs is important.

This is particularly true for today’s cars that have very keen sensors and computers that monitor all aspects of the engine’s performance. Many customers come to us thinking a battery is bad when, in fact, it is not the right cranking amp rating on the battery for their car.

Battery Terminals

While most auto batteries have the terminals at the top of the battery, one on each side, there are a few models of vehicles that are designed for batteries with side terminals. The two are not interchangeable and you need to know which type of terminal positioning you need.

We can help you in selecting the right battery for your vehicle. We can also install your batteries for free, ensuring you get just the battery you need. To see more visit us at website.

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