Sep 25, 2014

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What You Need to Know About Bird Control

As adorable as they may seem, some birds are a real nuisance. There are some bird species that have been protected by the law, and people are warned against killing or harming them. However, the government excludes certain birds like sparrows and pigeons as they are known to be the greatest pests. Below is some advice on how you can do Bird Control.

The birds must feed and drink to survive. If they find anything to eat around your home, rest assured that it might be difficult to control them. You can start by ensuring that all the trashcans are covered. Feeding birds will definitely increase their number and with time they become unbearable.

If the birds find stagnant water that they can drink, they will also have a reason to hang around. Ensure that you cover water where necessary and get rid of stagnant water. This includes water that is found in the gutters due to blockage. Cleaning the gutters removes the blockage and water stagnation.

Birds usually perch on trees and make their nests there. If you notice any bird’s nest, eliminate it as soon as possible, and the bird will move and nest in a different location. Alternatively, avoid planting trees near your structure or cut those that seem to encourage roosting.

If the birds perch on electric wire lines, you can talk to the electric provider to encase the wires in PVC pipes that rotate when anything stands on it. This is a good method of doing away with the bigger birds. You can also apply adhesives or thorns and spikes on their perching places. With the glues, you have to reapply after some time because dust accumulates on them making them less effective.

The above are just some of the safety measure that you can observe in the prevention on pest birds. Other methods of Bird Control include shooting, trapping, professional bird control and others that are also very effective. Bowman Termite and Pest Management LLC is a professional professional company who deals with birds, termites and other pests. For more information on how to control birds in your home that have become a nuisance, visit

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