Jun 17, 2013

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What You Need to Know About Bail Bonds in CT

A bail bond is used to help prevent you from being incarcerated after committing a crime. Generally, a licensed bail bondsman in your state issues these and requires you to sign a contract that you will show up for court at your designated time in order to receive any monies paid toward your bond after you make your appearance. A 24 / 7 Bail Bonds LLC can help you get the money you need to stay out of jail any time, day or night, and 365 days a year. Don’t let a mistake cause you to spend a night in the slammer. Make sure you know how a bond works so you can get one and ensure your freedom during your legal proceedings.

Conditions of Granting Bail

One of the first things you will have to agree with are any conditions that exist as a result of your bail. This can include no contact with the victim or witnesses, and not returning to the scene of the accident. You will have to sign that you agree to and will abide by all of the conditions prior to being released. The bondsman will also discuss this at the time you apply for your Bail Bonds CT.

Determining Bail

The amount you have to pay in order to post bail will differ depending on the details of the crime committed. Generally, a bail bondsman will require you to pay for 10 percent of the bond upfront and they will post the remaining 90 percent. The bail bondsman receives their money back when you show up for court, and in essence profits 10 percent of the total price.

When to Contact

When you are given your one phone call at the jail, you should use it to contact a bail bondsman. They will be able to retrieve information about your case and determine if they can provide you with the money you need. They will also be able to contact any additional family members to help with the processing of your bond.

Don’t make the process of getting Bail Bonds CT harder than it has to be. Make sure you choose a qualified bail bondsman and have an idea of how the process works prior to speaking with anyone.

Travis Law Firm licensed bonding agents are here to serve your needs around the clock for any assistance that you need with posting bail. They will immediately begin the process of getting your loved one out of jail.

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