What You Might be Able to Expect When Meeting with a Joliet Lawyer

If you’ve been injured due to no fault of your own by a medical professional, then you could be able to file a claim to obtain compensation. There are a few things that could occur when you meet with an attorney for the first time.


The first thing that a medical malpractice lawyer in Joliet, IL, will do is find out the details of the incident. They need to know where the incident occurred, the responsible party, and any long-lasting side effects that you could have as a result of the incident. Before your meeting, make a list of questions and concerns for your lawyer so that you don’t forget anything.


In order for a claim to be awarded, a medical malpractice lawyer in Joliet, IL, needs to be able to prove that negligence occurred. This means that the provider did something to cause some type of harm during a procedure, whether intentionally or accidentally. Some of the common examples of negligence include prescribing the wrong medications, failing to diagnose a medical condition, and not providing the proper treatment after a diagnosis is made.


Your attorney will go over the possible damages that you could receive from the claim. Keep in mind that you likely won’t win millions of dollars as most malpractice claims are capped at a certain amount. Loss of wages, costs associated with medical treatments, and damages for any pain and suffering that you incur can usually be included in the amount that you’re awarded.

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