Apr 18, 2018

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What You Didn’t Know About Botox

What You Didn’t Know About Botox

There’s more to Botox® than meets the eye! Botox® is a fascinating cosmetic phenomenon full of history, interesting science, and unexpected applications. Most people are probably familiar with Botox® thanks to its popularity as a flexible cosmetic solution—it’s hard to go a day without seeing Botox mentioned in magazines and other media. Before your next Botox® treatment at a Los Gatos clinic, read up! Some of these facts may surprise you.

  1. Botox® is derived from a deadly species of bacteria. (Don’t worry, it’s still totally safe in this form!) The name “Botox®” comes from the name “botulinum toxin,” which is a toxin formed by a bacterial species named Clostridium botulinum. The Botox® injections administered by healthcare professionals contain a purified form of this toxin which effectively paralyzes select muscles to relax the face and provide wrinkle relief. Botox® is A registered product name owned by Allergan Company.

  2. Cold temperatures can lessen your muscles’ uptake of Botox®, so don’t ice the area after treatment! Instead, combat bruises with another form of anti-inflammatory treatment.

  3. Having a single Botox® injection can lessen the symptoms of depression! It makes sense that your facial expressions are linked to your emotions. Just like being sad makes you frown, you can trick your brain into being happier by smiling! Similarly, researchers believe that Botox® interrupts feedback from the muscles in your face to your brain. Less frowning means less depression.

  4. One of Botox’s® first applications was the correction of crossed eyes. In 1989, FDA approved the first Botox® product, which was designed for the treatment of eye spasms and crossed eyes (also known as strabismus.)

If you have any more questions, speak to experts at the Vein Specialty Medical Clinic in Los Gatos to discover how Botox® can improve your confidence or treat your medical concerns.

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