Mar 14, 2014

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What You Can Expect from Chinese Drywall Removal

If you have discovered that you have Chinese drywall in your Florida home, you may be currently living a nightmare. When it comes to Chinese drywall, not only will you need to contact an expert in this type of process, you will always need to deal with the fact that your home will need to go through a lot in order to remove the toxic gases that come from this type of drywall. What should you expect when you choose Chinese drywall removal in Florida? Read on to find out:

Steps That are Often Taken Once Chinese Drywall is Discovered

Once it is discovered that Chinese drywall is in your home, you will need to find an expert in Chinese Drywall Removal In Florida. Because the toxic fumes from Chinese drywall get into anything and everything in your home, there is a big ob ahead. Typically the process will include testing of all the drywall in your home. If it is found to be Chinese drywall, you will need to have all of that drywall removed and replaced. Since the toxic gas from Chinese drywall actually is in the walls, you will also need to remove and replace all electrical wiring in the home, even those wires that are insulated.

More Steps That are Taken

One of the main things that the toxic gas from Chinese drywall does is case metal to corrode and tarnish. This means that any metal in your home will have to be replaced as well. That means your pipes will need to be removed and replaced, appliances will need to be removed and replaced and electronics will need to be removed and replaced. On top of that, you will need to deal with the carpets, flooring, tile, cabinets, bathroom fixtures…the list goes on and on.

Once all of these items are removed, the entire home will need to be cleaned with a high powered HEPA vacuum, power washed and aired out. On top of that, the home will need to be retested to ensure that the offending gases have been removed. This is a big job and not something that you will want to count on anyone for. Make sure you fully research any company that you may work with for Chinese drywall removal.



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