What Vehicle Owners Need to Know About Auto Transport in Atlanta, GA

Vehicle owners who need their vehicles moved safely across town, the state, or cross-country, rely on services that provide auto transport in Atlanta GA. These services offer skilled transportation that protects the vehicle and gets it to its new location without delay. When choosing a transport service, here are some things drivers should know.

3 Types of Auto Transport Options

Most auto transport services offer three options, each designed for different needs. Here’s a quick overview of the three options:

Car carriers: A car carrier is a flatbed truck that transports passenger cars and most lightweight trucks. People who select this option are usually making low-distance moves.

Sliding axle carrier: These transport vehicles look similar to car carriers but feature a lower deck height. They’re ideal for transporting larger vehicles such as busses, limousines, vans, and even multiple cars at once.

Enclosed trailers: This kind of auto transportation offers the most protection and is suitable for cross-country moves. People who use this service know that their vehicles are protected from weather conditions such as hail and dust storms as well as general road hazards.

How to Schedule Auto Transport

Once one decides to go ahead with auto transport service, it needs to be scheduled. Don’t expect the service to be available right away. Drivers should plan to schedule this service at least several days in advance, more if the move is long-distance or complex.

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