Jul 4, 2013

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What Types Of Oral Surgery Are There?

There are a number of different oral surgeries that deal with issues within the oral cavity and the jaw. When an individual needs oral surgery, this must be undertaken by an oral surgeon in Fall River. Some examples of oral surgery are the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, root canals, dental implants and jaw related problems.

Prior to undertaking the surgery, the oral surgeon will review all the requirements to insure that the surgery is a success. These requirements include X-Rays and preparing the patient for the day the surgery will take place. The surgeon will give specific instructions regarding eating and drinking, both pre-op and post-op. As most oral surgery requires the patient to be anesthetized the surgeon will remind the patient to arrange a ride to and from the office.

One of the more common procedures performed by an oral surgeon Fall River area is the removal of impacted wisdom teeth, wisdom teeth are considered as a third set of molars and they often do not break the surface, they become grossly misaligned and often become impacted. When this happens, there is significant pain and swelling and the teeth have to be removed surgically to prevent damage to surrounding teeth and tissue.

Another type of oral surgery is the extraction of a tooth which is beyond repair. The damage is often due to excessive decay but can be the result of an accident or a hereditary issue. Depending upon where the tooth was located, it may require that a dental implant be used to replace the missing tooth. An implant is aesthetically pleasing but equally as important is maintaining the alignment of surrounding teeth.

When a tooth is decayed or cracked, it is often necessary to perform a root canal to save the tooth and avoid extraction. When a root canal is performed, the decayed nerve is removed, along with any infection in the tooth. To restore the tooth, a crown is often fitted which covers the hole used to extract the nerve.

The oral surgeon is also called upon to solve other problems with the teeth and jaw; this includes reconstructive surgery for an individual who suffered facial damage in an accident, repair of a cleft palate and surgery to remove infections in the law area.



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